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We are approved Lely Forage Wagon Dealers and Stockists

Basic Guide to the lely Tigo Range
Length of Wagon
8m Long
35S - 34m cubic capacity 40R - 40m cubic capacity - - -
8.7m Long
- 50R - 50m cubic capacity 45R Profi - 50m cubic capacity 50R Profi - 50m cucbic capacity 65XR - 65m cubic capacity
9.7m long
- - - 60R Profi - 58m cubic capacity 75XR - 75m cubic capacity
11.7m Long
- - - - 100XR - 100m cubic capacity
General Spec
33 knives
38mm Chop Length
1.8m pickup

31 Knives
45mm Chop Length
1.8m pickup

40 Knives
37mm Chop Length
1.9m Pickup

40 Knives
37mm Chop Length
1.9m Pickup

45 Knives
37mm Chop Length
2.0m Pickup

Have you seen the new exciting and innovative Lely Tigo XR Forage Wagon

Tried & Tested - Here we held a Demo of the new XR75 and were impressed with many of the new features

Click on any of the below Lely symbols to link directly to the Lely website for full information on the Lely Tigo Forage Wagon range and specifications.

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